Hold Me Tight -Let me Go

Teen Family Workshop, Online

Pandemic stressors such as remote learning, social distancing and quarantining have made launching teens more complicated than ever.  Just as you are navigating college applications or perhaps trying to figure out what is next for your teen, they are home more than ever with emotions flying high. They are going through the biggest transition of their lives and so are you!  It is normal for everyone to experience feelings that change from one minute to the next, causing both parents and teens to react rather than respond to each other.  These years are the best time to intentionally transform your parenting skills, break old patterns, and develop a relationship that will give your teens self confidence to successfully launch into adulthood, in spite of today’s constraints.  Through exercises, structured conversations and group support, parents and teens will learn to improve their ways of communicating, resolve differences and experience family cohesion.

Join us for a unique Hold Me Tight-Let Me Go workshop on Zoom.

March 12th (parents only) and   

March 13th (parents and teens).

This Program is open to families with teens between the

ages of 17 – 19.

Multi-racial family enjoying an EFT Family Counseling Workshop

During Hold Me Tight – Let Me Go you will learn:

How to have a securely attached family even during the stormy period of adolescence. We will help your family repair, enhance, and develop secure bonds so teens are able to grow and successfully launch into the world while remaining connected to their family roots.

  • Describe and control negative interactions that create pain and distance in your family
  • Understand each family member’s emotional responses and needs
  • Create positive moments of reaching and responding that lead to more connection and cohesion

How does it Work?

The first part of the program is for parents exclusively. The facilitators teach core concepts of attachment parenting, identifying the caregiving attachment organization and the alliance between parents. If you are a single parent, you can bring along your support person- if you would like. We will discuss how parents become reactive as their teens begin to push them away, and explore how parents can share their reactivity with their partner (or another support person).

In the second part of the program, teens join the parents in the workshop. Each session is comprised of one or more conversations which each family has with each other. The conversations are led by the facilitators, who follow up with an invited large group discussion. During this process, parents and teens support each other as they discover they are not the only families to have challenges during the challenging teen years.

In summary, the format of the program involves the following:

  • Short didactic presentations by the facilitators.
  • Exercises that each family does together or with the group. We will demonstrate each exercise using excerpts from the Hold Me Tight/Let Me Go DVD.
  • Large group discussions regarding the exercises are led by the facilitators.
New York Family Counseling Workshop

Dates and Cost

Friday, March 12, 2021       6:00 – 9 pm EST (Parents only)

Saturday, March 13, 2021   10:00 am – 5 pm EST (Parents & Teens)

-Option 1: $460 U.S. per family

-EARLY BIRD RATE: $380 U.S. If paid by Feb. 28, 2021

-Option 2: $230 (50% discount rate for those in financial need)

Registration Fees, due by March 1st

There will be a long break for lunch and frequent short breaks throughout the day for both parents and teens.

“There are two lasting things we give our children. One is roots and the other is wings.”

About Us:

Kathy & Julie provide the Hold Me Tight – Let me Go Workshop in both Westchester County and New York City, New York. Both love helping people and do so full time in their individual private practices. In an effort to help families heal and grow stronger more quickly, they are now providing family workshops using the EFT model proven most successful in helping heal and grow families like yours.