Meet Kathy Stavrianopoulos, Ph.D.

I’m Kathy. For the last twelve years I have helped couples strengthen their relationship connections.  Common stressors wear down couple bonds and leave partners feeling alone and in despair.  Couples therapy can re-energize your love for each other and help repair ruptures.

As a licensed psychologist, EFT therapist and supervisor, I teach EFT and provide supervision to the FDNY counseling unit and to therapists in Greece and the UK.

My passion is working with young adults as they begin to form relationships, helping them attain the competencies necessary to negotiate this life long process in a healthy way.  I was one of the first therapists to adapt the Hold Me Tight (HMT) education program to a college age population in New York City.  My research focuses on romantic and family relationships for emerging adults and my work has been published in the Journal of Relationship Counseling and the Journal of Person Centered Experiential Psychotherapies.

My most recent passion is facilitating workshops for teens and families, especially as they launch to college.  As the mom of a two boys -one a college senior and the other being a senior in high school I understand first hand how challenging this transition can be. In the Hold me Tight-Let me Go workshops we support each other in this process and help teens and parents listen and understand each other, therefore trasforming their interactions.

Meet Julie Kuhn MS, LCSW

I’m Julie. I have been working with couples and families for over 30 years, helping them to use their strengths to enrich their connections to each other. By untangling the patterns that have emerged between them, couples and families can begin to have a different kind of conversation with each other: one in which disconnection, loneliness, and sometimes shame, is replaced by feeling safe sharing vulnerabilities with each other.

I am a Certified Emotionally Focused therapist and supervisor, a graduate of the Ackerman Institute for the Family, and a graduate of the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program at the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. I am certified in Somatic Experiencing (for trauma) and am trained in AEDP (Accelerated Emotional Dynamic Psychotherapy). My private practice is in Hastings on Hudson, NY, where I work with adults, adolescents and children in individual, couple and family therapy.

Our Specialty Is Workshops For Couples & Families

Why We Love What We Do

Professional Help Makes A Big Difference

Most of us aren’t taught how to be in couple or parent relationships.  We aren’t given an instruction manual and we do the best with what we have. Helping hundreds of clients see the road map that allows them to heal in the most important relationships they have is one of the many things we love about providing couple and family workshops in Westchester county and in New York City.